Welcome to Shift Church’s website.  We are glad you came by.
May His presence be with you.

Shift Church began in 2008 as a home group meeting.  We loved everyone who came to our home by feeding them and sharing stories, by having worship together and praying for everyone.  In 2010 Tim and Lynn were ordained by The River through our relationship with BSSM in Valparaiso and Global Legacy (relational network of Bethel Church, Redding, CA).  We stopped meeting in Nov 2011.  In the following years, Lynn was in the charter class for Welton Academy and Tim also enrolled the following year.  Look up Jonathan Welton and enroll in the on-line school for some really great Bible teaching.

In January of 2015 we purchased the family business and became third generation owners of Collins & Sons Flooring America, 2431 North Illinois Street, Swansea, IL  62226,  618-234-2915.  We anticipate the future with great expectation!!  Come see us if you are in the Belleville/St.Louis area.  We are pursuing what it means to run a business to bring an increase of God’s goodness and Kingdom to this area.  We have kept this web site at this time because it seems like there is still a Shift Church in our family’s future at some point when it’s right.

God bless,
Tim & Lynn Collins


We are in relationship with Global Legacy (Bethel Church, Redding, CA) and with Heaven in Business,  Greater Chicago Church, Bethel Valpo,  Jesus Journey and locally here with Generation church.


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